Kingz Mod v6.0 – Decoration Update


  • 15 new purchasable Base Parts
  • 12 new craftable Base Parts
  • 3 new Consumables
  • 16 new Cloth Items
  • 28 new Weapon Variants
  • 2 Trade Counters at the Tradepost
  • Many Items, including Metal, unique Base Parts and Food, can be bought and sold through the crafting menu
  • Increased Base Part Limit to 400
  • Cooking Pots can now be placed
  • KingZ Coffee can now be brewed

KingZ Mod v5.0 – Milestone Update


  • Lootbox System
  • 56 new Weapon Variants
  • 8 new Ores
  • 3 new Workstations
  • 4 new Consumables
  • 7 new Materials
  • 2 new findable Base Parts
  • 1 new towable Base Part
  • 3 new Medicals
  • 4 new Ingots
  • Smithable Body Protection
  • 4 Gemstones
  • 2 new Cloth Items
  • 1 new Ammunition
  • New Ores searchable in Caves and Mines
  • P350 Ammo is now craftable
  • Police Vehicles now have a Flip Option

KingZ Mod v4.0 – Style Update


  • 9 new findable Base Parts
  • 2 new towable Base Parts
  • 27 new Clothing Items
  • 12 new Vehicle Variants
  • Upgraded Base Part Limit to 350
  • Submachine Guns now fit into belt slots
  • All Paints can be crafted or mixed
  • Many Base Parts have been retextured
  • Removed Rugs (as they are now officially implemented)
  • Removed own craftable Crafted Weapons (as they are now officially implemented)
  • Removed 2 Guides
  • Exchanged Bar Chair with Seating Stool (due to hitbox error)
  • Exchanged Bistro Table with Wooden Table (due to hitbox error)
  • Exchanged Bistro with Purple Camping Chair (due to hitbox error)

Server is up again & Mod Update!

We finally got the Server up and running again. We restore the database to its former state, so nothing will be lost. We apologize for the downtime!

Also, we updated the KingZ Mod to match the latest version of Miscreated, which turned out to be more time consuming than excepted, due to the Miscreated Dev’s implementing many features that were already implemented via our Mod, such as Rugs, Beds, craftable Crafted Weapons, C4 Raids etc..

Server cannot be started

Due to a gportal problem the KingZ Miscreated Server is unable to start while having to download a mod. Since the Server is not designed to run without mods there is no way to make it accessible for players right now. Sorry for that! When gportal has fixed that problem, we will restore the database to its former state, hence no vehicles or tents will despawn.

Mod v4.0 Update

Since the Miscreated Developers are currently working on an update regarding the base building system, we delayed our next mod version to not have it conflict with the upcoming Miscreated update.

KingZ Mod v3.0 – Consumable Update


  • 14 new findable Base Parts
  • 1 new towable Base Part
  • 8 new Consumables
  • 2 new Materials
  • 1 new Crafting Guide
  • 2 new First Aid Kits
  • 1 new Epic Item
  • Spawn Gear
  • All Crafted Weapons can be crafted
  • Metal Parts are 50% more durable
  • Submachine Guns fit into secondary slots and clothing
  • Upgraded previous First Aid Kit to First Aid Box with 1 additional slot
  • Police Cars are more durable
  • Dune Buggys are slightly faster
  • Police Car Red Variant
  • Sedan “Agent” Variant