What is the KingZ Mod Server?

The Kingz Mod Server is a place for those who did not forget what Miscreated is about.. We attempted to focus on everything that makes the official servers enjoyable and to further enhance these points without adding overpowered content.

But what did you add?

Basically tons of new items, base parts, vehicles and weapons. Oh, and there is a custom trader called the Tradepost. The KingZ Mod is the biggest self-made mod currently available.

What exactly does the KingZ Mod contain?


What can Admins do?

On this Server, Admins are basically normal players and do not use their position to gain an advantage over others. That means all loot and vehicles in their possession were acquired through legitimate ways.
Admins, however will use their power to kick/ban those, who violate the rules.

Is PvP allowed?

Yes. PvP is always allowed on KingZ Mod Server. Also, not limited to zones or times. Exceptions, such as events, will be announced ingame beforehand.

Do Admins participate in PvP?

Yes. Admins will however not attack until previously provoked. Exceptions: High Loot Areas/ Air Drops.

What is a Glitch Base?

A glitch base is a base that is built in a way that was clearly not intended by the developers and was only possible due to us allowing players to build everywhere. Bases that are impossible to access (including raids) by others than its clan members fall under this category.
If you are not sure whether a specific base counts as a Glitch Base or not, you can always ask an Admin.

I saw a presumable Glitch Base. What to do?

Try to contact an Admin.

How do I contact the Admins?

You can always contact the Admins via admins@kingz-miscreated.de or
check out whether some are currently available on our Teamspeak. Of course you can always contact us ingame as well.

What is your Discord?


I cannot join your Miscreated Server. What to do?

Please contact us via Discord or email.

I am banned. What now?

If you think that your ban is unjustified you may send a ban appeal to appeal@kingz-miscreated.de
You will receive a final decision within 7 days.

What is the Tradepost?

The Tradepost is a base located at the Northern Sultan Fuel Station Bridge that features a small camp as well as the entire interior of the fuel station. It is a place where players gather to trade, meet up with others or to simply look for some free supplies.

Is the Tradepost a Safezone?

No. The only Safezone is the Clyde Hill Trader. Present Admins will try to keep the Tradepost as safe as possible.

Am I allowed to attack players at the Tradepost then?

Yes. Admins and friends will however try to stop those who plan to harm others.

Will I be kicked/banned for attacking players at the Tradepost?

No. Admins will only try to stop you, using firepower.

How do I trade at the Tradepost?

Go into the red building and aim at a counter. Different counters offer different trade options. Then search for your desired trade in the crafting menu.

Am I allowed to take loot from the crates/containers at the Tradepost?

Yes. These crates/containers are there to provide some free supplies for those who travel along. Be kind and leave some things in return.

What is “Impressum”?

We run a Server located in Germany, therefore we are obligated to provide our german users some legal terms. You can ignore it, as it is simply for local legal purposes.