Miscreated KingZ Mod Server Rules

  • Glitch bases are prohibited. A glitch base is a base that is built in a way that was clearly not intended by the developers and was only possible due to us allowing players to build everywhere. Bases that are impossible to access (including raids) by others than its clan members fall under this category.
  • Do not build your base at or close to military areas, bunkers, the dam, the hospital or the car paint shop. Also, blocking roads, even partially, is strictly prohibited as it is a nuisance for other players trying to pass through.
  • Any use of cheats, hacks, bugs and/or glitches is prohibited.
  • Do not abuse the chat. Spam, advertising, racism and/or insults are classified as chat-abuse.
  • Do not vandalize the Tradepost. Vandalizing descripes any damaging that goes beyond destroying walls and doors in order to reach the storage.
  • Have fun.